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I am thrilled to announce that we are changing our business name from AHP Photo + Video to Rêver Weddings!  This is an exciting change we’ve been waiting to announce and like many other businesses in the wedding industry, 2020 gave us the gift of time (lots and lots of time) to reflect on our goals and purpose as a company.  We know it’s cliche, but we love love.  We use our passion for photography and videography to document true love stories and to give our couples the experience they deserve!  If you look through our portfolio, you’ll notice that we focus on the authentic moments throughout the day,  rather than simply recreating posed photos.  Your day, and your love story, is perfect and magical just the way it is.  Our goal is to bottle this magic up so you can enjoy it over and over again, sharing it with the generations to come. 
We will forever be a romantic story teller and our new name better reflects the personality of our passion. Rêver means ‘to dream’ in the language of love.  We chose ‘Rêver’ because it explains so much about love and the wedding experience in one simple word. As young girls,  we dream of a perfect wedding day, marrying someone who loves us unconditionally.
We dream of being surrounded by our friends and family and celebrating our lifelong commitment to each other with every detail chosen on purpose.  Once we’ve celebrated, we dream of a happily ever after. To dream is to envision and reminisce on everything perfect and we want to be able to capture everything you have been dreaming about. So, let’s raise our virtual glasses and toast to the dreamers and to the start of something new. *clink*
We look forward to a future full of incredible soulmates, gorgeous weddings and love stories that last lifetimes.  
Brides – We are currently booking the remainder of 2021, but are filling up quickly.  Reserve your date now!
Wedding Industry Partners –  request your updated package guide by emailing [email protected] and help us spread the word by sharing this graphic to your IG stories!
Cheers… or shall I say ‘à votre santé’.



What does Rêver mean?

Rêver means ‘to dream’ in the language of love.  We chose ‘Rêver’ because it explains so much about love and the wedding experience in one simple word. 


Why are you changing the name?

We want a name and brand that better reflects the personality of our business!
Our desire is to capture photo and video for dreamers.


Is anything else changing other than the name?

Rest assured, nothing is changing! Our team, contracts, quality and experience is all the same! We are just giving our business a face lift with a new name and branding!

Photo and Video


Wedding Planning Guide

Our Couples

We have built a full wedding guide that talks about getting ready moments all the way through to the sparkler exit! Don't miss out on this helpful resource. It can help answer so many questions and gives tips and ideas to make your day easier!
Let us know if you want a copy!


Pricing and Content

Wedding Industry Partners

We will be sending over our new branded content! We would love for you to go ahead and switch everything over to our new name and social tags so we can continue to find each other easily!

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