How would you describe your style?
We hope that our works speaks for itself but to sum it up, we would say ROMANTIC. Our approach is relaxed and natural. Our videos have a consistent feel but yet still reflect the unique style and emotion of each day. We feel compelled to create a video that shows the personality and character of each couple, capturing their honest moments. Our desire is for you to have the most meaningful and memorable moments in your videos to look back on for years to come.
Do we pick music ourselves?
This is a huge part of the story-telling process. We actually spend a good portion of time selecting the right song for each wedding video. We select licensed music for our videos to support the larger creative community. We would love to chat more if you have a specific preference for the type of music chosen, but usually we will select the final tracks included in the film.
Where are you based?
We are based in Atlanta, Ga but love to travel! We have a studio right off the beltline. We would love for you to stop by and chat!
How long before we receive the final video?
We know that you are so excited to see everything captured and we are excited to share! We aim to have your video done within 8-12 weeks! The editing process takes time to perfect and since we are creating a video that will be passed down for generations, we don’t want to rush it.
What equipment do you use?
We have a collection of Canon and Sony top quality camera bodies and lenses. We use a Ronin S for stabilization as well as a mixture of monopods and tripods. We capture audio with Pro Rode camera mic’s and Tascams + lapel mic ‘s to capture important audio moments during the ceremony.
What is included in a 8 min video?
To simplify our process, the video is broken down in three categories; pre-ceremony, ceremony, and reception. Each category is a little over 2 minutes. The most important moments that happened in those sections are the ones included. If you are interested in more from the ceremony, we have an add on for the full ceremony service or if you are interested in all the footage from the day, you can add on raw footage (unedited footage).
What is included in the Rehearsal dinner add on?
You would receive a full separate video of all the toasts from the evening and then the most meaningful toasts would be included in the 5, 10, or 15 minute package video.
How do we receive our video?
We deliver our videos through vimeo.com. This allows you to directly download the video to your computer and share it directly with all friends and family. If you received a larger package we will mail you a USB drive with your multiple videos and any add ons purchased.
What is the benefit of hiring us for photo and video services?
We are a team of creatives that works incredibly well together. We have been in the industry for 5+ years and have worked with hundreds of wedding photographers. You spend more time with your photographer and videographer as you do with your friends on your wedding day. It is vital that your creative team works well together with YOU in mind. Our team puts our Bride and Groom first and works well off of each other to create beautiful and creative content for YOU.

There is also a 10% discount on your total combined package cost.

What is included in full ceremony coverage?
You’ll have a full length recording of your ceremony with audio. We will have three camera angles: one on the groom, one on the bride, and one stationary camera in the back of the aisle. This portion will have full audio and be edited to music.
What is included in the rehearsal coverage add-on?
This will be a separate video that includes all of the toasts with full audio and interaction shots from the event.

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